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"Nonsense" is a game which skilfully
combines Belgian-style surrealism and absurdity.
It will take you back to the unfettered imagination
of your youth and lead you to improvise on incongruous
Get a grand piano onto a crowded bus

without anyone noticing...

or Take a crocodile into a nursery school

without arousing suspicion.

VULPEN (DE) - Kantoorboekhandel B.V. Frederik Hendriklaan 179 2582 CA De Haag
KAATJE AAN DE REIN Frederik Hendriklaan 63 NL 2582 BT Den Haag
PIM'S OLIFANT Springweg 7A NL 3511 VH Utrecht
VLIEGERSHOP (DE) Turfmarkt 2 NL-2312CD Leiden
KOPEREN PION (DE) Appelstraat 206 NL-2564 EL Den Haag
NEVER NEVERLAND Oude Gracht 202 NL-3511 NR Utrecht
SPELLENWINKEL (de) - Breda Zandbergplein 131 NL-4818LK Breda
KONING WILLEM Kleine Overstraat 26 NL-7411JM Deventer


This simple and entertaining Belgian game was born over 20 years ago under the name "Carabistouille". Since it was launched in 1991, it has enjoyed dazzling success and was voted "Game of the Year" in several countries. In just a few years the game sold in tens of thousands. Amongst the game's devoted fans was the whole Jacques Mercier team!

A few months ago, persuaded by repeated requests from the public who were trying to buy the game, Véronique Houbaert and Marcel Veelo decided to re-enter the publishing world and give Editions du Hibou a new lease of life.

They examined the game closely and decided to give it a new name, new cubic packaging and simplified rules which preserved only its essence!

How do you play Nonsense ?

The objective is to tell a 1 minute story about a given situation and to slip in a secret word. Obviously, the other players must not be able to guess this word. The 'liars' take great pleasure in stringing the other players along. Even shy players are pleased to discover that they have a talent for improvisation! A true revelation. Some people remain perfectly rational in their improvisations, while the stories of others lapse into the realms of fantasy.

The audience wins when they are perceptive enough to find the hidden word(s). There is no time out in this game. Even when you're not improvising, you're looking for hidden words!

Nonsense is also a personal development and transgenerational tool !

The mechanics of the game develop creativity, listening and self-confidence. You learn to enjoy performing in front of others, even letting your hair down! For the youngest players, Nonsense improves elocution and enhances their vocabulary. For grandparents, it's an enjoyable and useful way to play with their grandchildren, and to benefit from mental stimulation! And the cherry on the top is that thanks to the multilingual cards, (French, English and Dutch), the game has been proved to be an excellent way to learn other languages.

From October 2010, the game will be distributed by an agent, Asmodee, to all the best toy shops who look after their customers.

About Asmodee

Asmodee is the leading European distributor of board games and collectible card games. Asmodee is active in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Spain. It also has operations in the United States and Canada through a subsidiary.

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